50 Essential Lessons by Jim Burke
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"Different students have different strengths, but every student needs to achieve an essential mastery of multiple means of communication in order to meet the varied demands of school, life, and workplace." —Jim Burke

How do you teach the cognitive and personal skills students need for success in school and the world beyond? That was the question, Jim Burke regularly asked himself as he crafted lessons to meet the varied needs of his students at Burlingame High School. After years of research, experience, and reflection, Jim has answered this question with 50 Essential Lessons. Anchored in standards shared by a range of national literacy documents, these lessons focus on the core academic skills—reading, writing, speaking and listening, taking notes, taking tests, and managing oneself-required to succeed in class, on state tests and college entrance exams, and in future endeavors. Whether used as a supplement to enhance your English Language Arts curriculum or as a stand-alone resource, 50 Essential Lessons will help you teach your students academic essentials.


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